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   Classroom Style

   End User Training

   Executive Training

   Configuration Workshop

   UPK (User Productivity Kit)

Interactive Distance Learning

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Coach Technologies offers classroom, on-site, and end-user training, as well as special workshops, and web conferencing.  We have developed kits for conducting on site training and computer-based training materials, as well as a self-paced online learning environment over the Internet. Classroom training, interactive distance learning, and an end-user online training services are also available.  In addition, Coach Technologies offers a Training Plan Builder which allows users to customize training plans with our instructors. You provide information about your job role and we help to select training courses. The Packages that we offer are enhanced offerings, consisting of intensive instructor-led training and the corresponding technology-based training.​

Technical Strategy

Coach offers a wide range of professional services from technical, functional, project management, accommodating full or partial implementation.  Coach also offers ongoing maintenance, support and training consulting services. Your time is best devoted to your core business. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can assist you and your business. 

Business Solutions

Coach Technologies provides proven CRM, ERP, Reporting, Marketing Automation,Business Intelligence, and Strategic Planning business solutions to mid-market and mid-enterprise customers. The Coach Technologies team brings the experience of hundreds of customer implementations, delivering on the company's mission to guide clients to success by providing practical business solutions with a rapid return on investment. Based in Denver Colorado, Coach Technologies is an experienced service provider for JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and other leading business solutions. 

Our Services

Data Center Consolidation

Moving to the Cloud?

Consolidating a data center or moving to the cloud a major project with countless pieces to consider to ensure success and minimize cost and risk. There are many benefits that make it worthwhile, of course. The latest servers and virtualization technology allow for more cost-effective, energy-efficient systems, while the cloud presents an increasingly-popular opportunity for greater flexibility and choice of architectures. The benefits are clear, but there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring that all systems and applications are migrated without interrupting business. For a smooth transition, detailed planning ahead of time is an absolute necessity. But, because of the amount of work involved and because the focus in these projects is usually the cost savings and the business applications, data security and destruction plans are often left until late in the project.

A lot of the recent industry news about cloud migration has focused on data security in the cloud, but what it overlooks is the security of the data stored on the hard drives and tapes of the equipment decommissioned or retired in such a project. This equipment is usually marked for redeployment, remarketing, or recycling. Allowing that data to leak could jeopardize your company’s regulatory compliance, leading to significant costs that could have been avoided. At the same time, like everything else in a data center project,data destruction activities must be completed within the budget and with a minimal amount of disruption. How can this be accomplished?  Call us - We'll tell you.

Selecting the right Software Vendor

Software Selection

Choosing an ERP software package is one of the most important decisions your organization will ever make. It is also one that will have long-lasting effects, positive or negative, on your company’s financial performance. Many ERP implementations last for 5 years or more. This process may seem overwhelming, but it is a good way to consider a comprehensive set of options in order to arrive at a decision. Given the importance of such a decision, it is worth taking the time to make the vendor software selection that is right for your organization.  By the time your evaluation and selection is complete, you should have a good understanding of the commitment you are making. ERP projects are usually more complex and costly than expected, but it is better to understand that fact before your ERP decision than when you are already in an implementation.


Application Consulting

Since 2000 Coach Technologies LLC has developed a proven track record for providing expert Oracle Technology, ERP and Business Software solutions. From strategic planning to rapid implementation services has delivered the “right solution” for a broad range of clients, from small and medium-sized businesses up to Fortune 1000.  As a key implementer of Oracle Technology and Mid-Market ERP solutions we have repeatedly demonstrated our abilities to adapt technology to our customers' unique business processes and needs. Our business-knowledgeable consultants will help you identify your Oracle or ERP/Accounting Software needs and expertly guide you through the selection, design, implementation and training process, to keep your project on track and your company running smoothly!

Technical Consulting

Formed with the ability to fully harness the power of Integrated Business Application solutions - Oracle Applications and other ERP Solutions – Coach Technologies consultants bring together business and functional expertise to the enterprise transformation process. They understand specific industry issues and then apply their technical expertise to achieve the client's business goals.  Our technical staffing solutions have helped many businesses, big and small, in closing the gaps in their skill sets. Our consultants have been selected after a rigorous selection process. We know this works, as we ourselves are consultants too!  We believe in the mission of not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. Whether you are a company looking for technical staffing, a business scouting for technical solutions or a software developer looking for a suitable opening, our stand is simple, we believe in a transparent model in which working for or with us becomes a pleasure.

Some of our Technical Services offered: 

  CNC Support




  Tools Release Upgrade

  ESU - Enterprise Server Update

  Change Management

  Diaster Recovery


  Monthly Support


  Packaged Services Available